We have exciting news about your app 🎉

Digi.me has changed and you are still on the legacy version 🤦‍♂️

We recommend that you install the new digi.me to benefit from vastly improved performance, security, and flexibility. 

Download for desktop

Download for mobile

You will need to create a new digi.me library, more details in our faqs

New Services

In addition to your social accounts, you can now import Fitness, Financial, Music and Medical* data.

We are adding new sources all the time and providing greater control over where you can store your new unified library.

New Features

  • Access to your unified library from multiple devices - Android, Amazon Kindle, iPhone, iPad, Macs, and Windows PCs.
  • New social insights - quickly see who comments most on your posts and which emoji you use regularly.


What is happening to the old (legacy) digi.me app?

Our focus is entirely on the new digi.me platform and as such the legacy app is no longer being developed. This means it will no longer import new data. Some functions, such as scheduled sync, are no longer available due to incompatibilities with the operating systems.

What will happen to my data?

The legacy digi.me app will continue to provide access to the data you have already imported for the foreseeable future, so will remain accessible to you.

Do I still have to pay for digi.me?

No, digi.me is now free to use.

Why is the digi.me Legacy logo grey now?

This is to highlight the difference between the old and new apps. 

Do I need to renew my digi.me license to continue to use it?

No, you will be able to continue to search, view, create collections, export to pdf, export to csv.

Can I migrate my data from digi.me Legacy to digi.me?

Currently, there is no ability to migrate your data. The new digi.me is focused on aggregating all your most recent content from a variety of different sources. Linkedin, RSS, Viadeo, Google+, and Facebook Pages are not supported in the new app so none of this data would be accessible. Also most content is still available on the original sources to be reimported. 

What can I import using the new digi.me?

We have a full list of supported sources available here.

How do I export my data from digi.me Legacy?

Go to the Accounts view and click on the share button for each account. From here you can export all data, including your photos.

Can I delete my digi.me library?

Yes, you can open the digi.me legacy app and go to Accounts. From here you can click on the cog to remove individual accounts. Once you have removed all accounts you can go ahead and uninstall the digi.me legacy app.

How do I get more help or send my feedback?

Click here to contact us

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